Are you interested in unleashing your creative talent during this stressful time? Tell us your great story. Well, here is your chance to showcase your amazing creativity and be judged by accomplished writers!

Did we mention there will be prizes? What are you waiting for? Get writing!!

Competition Details

We wanted to create a competition that was guaranteed to be fun, but also a little quirky at the same time. We are going to have sentence starters for your topics! You can choose one of four ways to start your story and then use your imagination to write something bizarre and unique. Remember, the funkier it is, the better! This is your time to show us your world of imagination.

We are excited to announce the winners!

Congratulations!! All entries were creative and amazing!! 

Grades 1-3 Category: 

1st place: Arjun Lal -"Granny's Superpower Garden"

2nd place: Maanya Agarwal - "The Mystical Sisters Adventure" 

Honorable Mention: Lucas Perez - "The Scary Mansion" 

Grades 4-5 Category: 

1st place: Rishav Patnayak - "Trouble in Paradise" 

2nd place: Tiana Prem - "Trouble in Space" 

Honorable Mention: Akshay Lakkur - "Eliot's Superpower"

Grades 6-8 Category: 

1st place: Tanmayee Chandupatla - "The Conductor" 

2nd place: Rachna Gadde - "Guardian of the Forest" 

Honorable Mention 1: Camille Dotson - "The Ryders Tournament"

Honorable Mention 2: Nandini Dasari - "The Magic Rock"

Grades 9-12 Category: 

1st place: Suhani Swain - "Blue Was Her Favorite" 

2nd place: Harleen Khangura - "The Forgotten God" 

Honorable Mention: Meg Eaton - "The Final Case" 

Congratulations! All entries were creative and amazing!!



Early bird entry: CLOSED 

Regular fee: $15 per entry 

Maximum number of entries: 2 per participant


There will be two prizes per grade level. 

1st place: $100

2nd place: $50 

Your story should start with the sentence starter and then you can make it go in whatever direction you choose! Please read the rules and regulations for more guidelines. You can send us up to two entries, so get your creative juices flowing and have fun!

These are the categories and topics - 


One day, when I came home, I was shocked to find a unicorn hidden in the basement...

The park was suddenly gone, and in its place was a huge, dark mansion with strange owners...

She had a secret, magical garden in which she grew ...



When I woke up, all I could see was darkness… 

I found myself stranded on an island with my best friend……

I went downstairs for breakfast and found that the house was empty - even the furniture was gone…

Suddenly, everything froze. People everywhere stopped and became statues...



Quietly, seeing I had no choice, I slipped him the one hundred dollar bill…

I was eating my chocolate-chip pancakes for breakfast when suddenly, I heard a noise outside…

There was a secret meeting tonight and I had to be there...

Three of us. We were the only ones left on this planet hurtling through space...



There was a time years ago when he/she was happy…

Today she would find out if her entire life was a lie…

Rain was slapping my face as I found myself running…

My father was snatched from the jaws of death, but the experience left him traumatized...


To enter the competition, please follow these steps: 

1. Click on "enter" on the menu bar. 

2. Fill out the form and upload your entry. Accept PDFs only. 

For all the rules and regulations and to know what the prizes are, click here!

       Meet Your Judges            

  Sandhya Acharya 

Ritika Trikha

Sucheta Rawal

Aditya Mahajan

Jaya Padmanabhan

Roshni Chokshi 

Featured entries

Blue Was Her Favorite

Suhani Swain

Elliot's Superpower

Akshay Lakkur

The Forgotten God

Harleen Khangura

Guardian of the Forest

Rachna Gadde

The Final Case

Meg Eaton

The Conductor

Tanmayee Chandupatla

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