Rules and General Guidelines

   Who can participate?

  1. Everyone living in this world who can sing


  1. Little Champ group: A contestant must be up to 3 -13 years old as of May 1st, 2020 to enter the competition in this group.
  2. Teen Champ group: A contestant must be at 13 -19 years old as of May 1st, 2020 to enter the competition in this group.
  3. Super Champ group: A contestant must be 19 years old and above as of May 1st, 2020 to enter the competition in this group  
  4. A contestant can compete only in one group
  5. A “Letter of Consent” signed by the contestant (or by the contestant’s parent/legal guardian for minors) is required to participate. Letter of consent needs to be signed online while submitting the entry.

   Song Genre

  1. Songs can be performed from any Indian movie song in any language

   Competition Platform

  1. Vibha managed online virtual platform

   Competition Rounds

  1. Qualifying / Preliminary round
    1. Contestant will be required to sing at least one song of his/her choice
    2. Contestants may upload maximum 150 seconds long unedited, no karaoke video file to the given Vibha managed platform in this round.
    3. Contestants may have vocal support with Shruti Box (Tanpura), Guitar, Piano/Keyboard, if necessary, however it is required to emphasize on the vocal skill to qualify. Contestants will be scored based on the scoring rubric
  2. Championship round
    1. Application and registration for the Qualifying round is valid for the Championship rounds of the competition
    2. Top 20 contestants who qualify from the Preliminary / Qualifying round will compete in this round
    3. Contestant will be required to sing at least one song of his/her choice
    4. The song should not be a medley or combination of multiple songs
    5. Maximum duration of the song including prelude, interlude and ending music can be 4 minutes
    6. Contestants may sing to “Karaoke” music only in the Championship round
    7. Karaoke tracks cannot have dominating vocal tracks. For example, karaoke tracks with additional voices may not be allowed and may be grounds for disqualification
    8. Finalist Contestants may sing live on the chosen platform by Vibha or may be asked upload maximum 4 minutes long unedited video file with karaoke track in the given platform managed by Vibha.
      Additional details about the platform to be used for the final will be confirmed before the final round.
    9. Contestants will be scored based on the scoring rubric
    10. The overall score will determine the Champion, 1st Runner-up and the 2nd Runner-up from each category
    11. Championship round may require singing more than one song, if necessary.

   Scoring Rubric

  1. A panel of judges will individually score a performance based on the following criteria:
    1. Tonal Accuracy
    2. Sense of Rhythm
    3. Lyrics
    4. Tonal Quality
    5. Diction, Articulation & Pronunciation
    6. Mastery & Overall Presentation Style

     Judges and verdict.

  1. Judges may be allowed to comment but not reveal the scores they have recorded on the scoring sheet.
  2. The judges’ score will have 100% weightage for the Judges’ choice round
  3. To break tie, contestants may have to sing more than one song given by the judges
  4. In all cases the decision of the Judges’ Panel will be final.
  5. For the audiences’ choice winners, top three contestants received highest votes from the audience. $1 a vote in the Championship round. Invite friends, families to vote to win audiences’ choice round

    How to participate

  1. Signup with US $10 fee
  2. Signup with Rs. 500 fee, if participating from India
  3. Contestants can register and make the donation payment at Vibha website or by simply visiting:

   Awards and Recognition

  1. The Dream Voice USA – Judges’ choice
  2. The Dream Voice International – Judges’ choice
  3. The Dream Voice International – Audiences’ choice
  4. Recognitions
    1. The Dream Voice USA may get opportunity to stage share with a celebrity, internationally famed singer for a performance in the USA
    2. Possible opportunity to work with renowned music academies
    3. Possible opportunity to sing for Vibha AD


  1. Vibha will have the right to all the performances and may decide to use audio/video/images from the competition for promotion and publicity at their will.
  2. Vibha has the right to amend rules of the competition at any time as they may be necessary. However, no rules will be modified to favor or disfavor a contestant.
  3. All participants agree that they shall treat the judges’ decisions as final. This is one of the major conditions for participating in this contest.